We've just returned to Dover from a little cruise to the Channel Islands and I'm very pleased with the new Maxprop on Vega. 

It performs pretty much exactly the same as the old fixed prop when motoring - max rpm is 1700 giving 9.5 kts in calm water. Balance seems better and there is less vibration. Maximum sailing speed is about the same - we hit 6.7 kts with a force 5 abeam. Presumably that is limited by hull speed. Much better is sailing performance in light winds, we can now trundle along most satisfactorily in 5-10 kts when we would hardly have been moving before. The propeller feathers very easily.
The Maxprop is better astern, and that caught me out initially, because we quickly reached a speed going backwards where I was unable to take off full rudder and had a little argument with a ladder. Must watch that!
Thanks for all your help.

Edward Ferris -  Sole Bay 35 motor-sailer fitted with a 22”, 4 bladed generation 2, Maxprop EASY