Once the sails were set and the engine was off, the throttle was placed in reverse to allow the blades to feather and there was…silence! As the boat picked up speed beyond 4 knots still silence, 5 knots silence the only noise was the sound of Gail and I cheering for joy! We couldn’t wait to take her on a longer trip so decided to go down to Portsmouth at the weekend. On the way back in only 10 knots of wind apparent, off the wind on a very broad reach she was sailing at nearly 5 knots and passed the majority of other yachts out there. Darglow claim that the FeatherStream can increase the average sailing speed by 15%, we would definitely wholeheartedly agree!

We would like to thank and endorse Darglow Engineering for supplying a fine British made propeller and going the extra mile in helping us finally get to the bottom of our propeller issues. We have finally achieved our aim, ‘The Sound of Silence with Sail’

Jonathan Brier Yachting - Solent Sailing School and Charter