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“Today my first season with the Featherstream propeller come to and end as my boat, an Allegro 27, was lifted up for winter sleep. The propeller, 14”x11”, has fulfilled its mission in an absolutely excellent way, although the anode was missing today! Sailing speed has improved, manoeuvrability significant increased, top speed with engine 3200 rpm 7,2 knots which is the waterline length. The engine is a Volvo Penta 2002, at 2000 rpm and 5 knots fuel consumption stays just below one liter/hour. I will strongly recommend the FeatherStream propeller from now on!!

I just want to let you know the outcome of the prop on my Allegro, and, I am very satisfied with it, I moved my boat yesterday out into the archipelago and the FeatherStream corresponded to my expectations in every way!

Many thanks from a satisfied customer Chris!”

Cay Bjurquist Allegro 27 , Sweden
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Great fit in the tight aperture!
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“Prop change on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32.2. The totally worn folding prop came off and a new, shiny, 3 bladed Featherstream feathering prop (by Darglow Engineering) was fitted. Fitting the new Featherstream prop was a doddle.... What a difference!!!”

3 bladed 15” diameter FeatherStream on a S.O. 32.2 with Volvo 2020 engine
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I just want to let you know the outcome of the prop on my Allegro, and, I am very satisfied with it, I moved my boat yesterday out into the archipelago and the Featherstream corresponded to my expectations in every way! Many thanks from a satisfied customer Chris!

14” diameter 3 bladed FeatherStream fitted on an Allegro 27 with Volvo 2002 engine.

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Note: This was one of the lengthier testimonials we received, so we’ve given the main points here, and you can read the full story by clicking the blue heading below.

“After much deliberation and after my talking to Darglow at the Southampton boat show in 2013 I decided that I would take the plunge and fit a FeatherSream propeller to 'Le Moulin Vert' which is our Mark 1 Cornish Crabber of 1978 vintage. The reasons behind the decision were in the main that she was a little sluggish when sailing and struggled to get to three and a half to four knots. This though was a combination of very tired and stretched sails, a fixed standard propeller and the captain normally very tired and stretched!!
• Time trundled on and in June 2014 I actually got around to filling in a quote form from the Darglow website.
• Chris at Darglow recommended a 3 bladed, 13.5 inch FeatherStream
• I went away and was too busy to think about propeller
• March 2015 I finally placed my order and Darglow honoured their raging quote!
• Mid April, got the call from Darglow that prop was ready!
• Now fitted and along with new sails, I’m getting smoother sailing and faster too at 5 or more knots!
• Delighted with Darglow’s engineering, product quality and their after sales service!
Thank you.”

Andy Roan Cornish Crabber 13.5 inch, 3 bladed FeatherStream
After much deliberation and after my talking to Darglow at the Southampton boat show in 2013 I decided that I would take the plung and fit a Featherstream propeller to 'Le Moulin Vert' which is our Mark 1 Cornish Crabber of 1978 vintage. The reasons behind the decision were in the main that she was a little sluggish when sailing and struggled to get to three and a half to four knots. This though was a combination of very tired and stretched sails, a fixed standard propeller and the captain normally very tired and stretched !!

Time trundled on and in June 2014 I actually got around to filling in a quote form from the Darglow website. Quickly Darglow came back to me with a few questions and a figure to make a bespoke propeller, owing to work commitments I was away for most of August through to mid October and then end of October 'Millie' (short name as Le Moulin Vert is such a mouthful and Moulin is French for mill) came out of the water. At this time I decided that I would postpone until the spring any further requirement for a feathering propeller and revisit new sails, folding prop etc. in the spring.

Come end February beginning of March new sails were ordered and Darglow were contacted re said Featherstream. Amazingly they honoured the quoted price of mid 2014, that cemented my trust in Darglow and I was very comfortable in that I was dealing with a professional company. The original 3 blade fixed prop was a 12" x 9" and a discussion took place with Chris of Darglow, who I think is the technical director, and a 3 bladed feathering prop of 13 1/2 " x 8" was decided upon as the best combination for me and Millie to achieve the results I required. Mid April and Chris called to inform me all was ready so I drove to Wareham and saw my new propeller. It was a thing of beauty, a work of art. I was highly delighted and could see the care and attention taken in its construction and the quality it exuded. I paid up and took it home where, and I'm embarrassed to say this, it stayed on the mantelpiece as an object of ornament rather than a piece of working maritime equipment, to say my wife was unimpressed would be an understatement !!!

Eventually mid May came the fitting and I must be honest and say there were a few small issues with said fitting. These were related to the taper of the shaft and the taper in the Featherstream hub. The hub and shaft didn't match but it was only a slight discrepancy and after guidance from Chris and relevant instructions on a method of sure fitting all was well.

So what improvement to sailing I hear you ask ?? Well after testing the sailing performance with the feathering propeller it has increased by one knot. Add in the new sails and 'Millie' comfortably gets to five and three quarter knots and on occasion six and a half knots is not unknown, I do though sometimes forget to engage reverse to get the prop to feather but as soon as I look at the speed log I know that the captain is still tired and stretched and in need of a somewhat large G & T to aid memory and assist in moving the propulsion lever to reverse !!

Would I recommend Darglow and Featherstream propellers.............?? Indeed and probably one of the better decisions made in relation to upgrades to the boat. Yes they are a pricey item but I did research prior to committing myself and Darglow Featherstream propellers are very competitive and the after sales customer support second to none. I must add that I am in no way connected to Darglow in anyway, shape or form and my association is purely as a satisfied customer in a commercial capacity.
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Andy’s Cornish Crabber, 'Le Moulin Vert' (or, “Milly”), underway with new sails and FeatherStream propeller
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The fitted 13.5 inch three bladed FeatherStream

Well, the Featherstream prop has been fitted under the Oyster 46 this week and today we could test it sailing back to Palma, under engine and in 35 to 40 knots of wind. Very good! Much better acceleration and average top speed compared to the Volvo prop. I also noticed reversing in the marina for parking, the prop picked up a lot quicker than before and not a lot of prop walk. So all seems well!

Just wanted to let you know.

Marco Oyster 46

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The propeller exceeded all my expectations !!! Gone are the vibrations and the best of all.. my boats sails like a long keeler should... now it sails straight without a hand on the tiller, also "working to windward" is a piece of cake ... it performs like a racer....!!!
Astern and "breaking"/stopping good!, accelerating the boat takes some effort of the engine, feels heavy and speed increases slowly.
The FeatherStream I will recommend if someone asks !

Thank you for the expert advice! This is the kind of personal service and aftermarket service responsibility I’m used to receiving - only - from bigger manufacturers like Rolls Royce etc.

Mr Lindfors 16” diameter 3 bladed FeatherStream on Allegro 30 with Volvo 28hp engine

Just a quick line to say how pleased I am with the new feathering propeller you have supplied me.
I seem to be able to do the same speed under engine at lower rpm … thus a fuel saving. And sailing seems to give me approx’ a knot more speed. Overall very pleased. Please pass my thanks on to those involved. 

Ian Hudspeth Moody 376 with 18” diameter 3 bladed FeatherStream.

Thought I would write to say how pleased I am with these props!
In our discussions, we thought 8 knots would be good. We can make 9! Never heard of before, even when I had three bladed fixed props.
She’s been afloat for three months butI was afraid as she has to live in a mud berth. Doesn’t seem to be affecting the props at all. No lag after we float off. (I thought mud would clog mech but it doesn’t seem to).
Nothing but praise from my end then. Thanks.

Jim Duerden. Top Cat Cruising School
Pair of 17” diameter 3 bladed FeatherStream propellers for 40 ft catamaran.

This was tweeted by Carberry Sailing who operate a Halberg Rassey 46 that had been suffering from disappointing motoring into heavy weather with their previous propeller:
"New propeller fitted on Merlin:
Five blade Max-Prop has certainly made a difference going ahead into a 3m swell and head wind. 8kts no problem @2200rpm."
Tweet: @DarglowEngineer @HurdyGurdyRadio
5 blade Max-Prop

Carberry Sailing, Halberg Rassey 46.

Kevin, of Perfect Sailing Yacht Charters in Turkey, told us about this when he visited our stand at the 2014 Southampton Boat Show. They had fitted an 18" 4 blade FeatherStream to their Hallberg Rassey 38 last year. A local marina owner then asked him to help by towing a 20 meter x 3 meter concrete pontoon 5 miles from one marina to another!!! He was doubtful he could pull it but actually it was easy archiving a steady 5 knots at modest revs.

NB: We're often asked at Darglow, why buy a 4 blade prop? Well it's not to go faster, it's to keep going well in rough weather when hull resistance goes up. Nothing like towing a 20 meter pontoon to add resistance. The 4 blader coped with the added strain effortlessly!

Kevin - Perfect Sailing Yacht Charters

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‘Quarterly testimonial competition winner’
Darglow Engineering and Chris are to say the least, passionate about their product and so helpful it was a ‘no brainer’ in the end to choose a 3 blade 18" FeatherStream, feathering propeller for our [Make and length of yacht].

Once the sails were set and the engine was off, the throttle was placed in reverse to allow the blades to feather and there was…silence! As the boat picked up speed beyond 4 knots still silence, 5 knots silence the only noise was the sound of Gail and I cheering for joy! We couldn’t wait to take her on a longer trip so decided to go down to Portsmouth at the weekend. On the way back in only 10 knots of wind apparent, off the wind on a very broad reach she was sailing at nearly 5 knots and passed the majority of other yachts out there. Darglow claim that the FeatherStream can increase the average sailing speed by 15%, we would definitely wholeheartedly agree!

We would like to thank and endorse Darglow Engineering for supplying a fine British made propeller and going the extra mile in helping us finally get to the bottom of our propeller issues. We have finally achieved our aim, ‘The Sound of Silence with Sail’

Jonathan Brier Yachting - Solent Sailing School and Charter
3 blade 18" FeatherStream

Jonathan Brier with his newly fitted FeatherStream propeller on ‘Crews Control’

Click here to view Jonathan’s full and very comprehensive article on the Solent Sailing School and Charter website.

Editor’s note: Future entrants need not feel they have to attempt such a lengthy article to win! But thank you, Jonathan for your glowing words ;-)

We've just returned to Dover from a little cruise to the Channel Islands and I'm very pleased with the new Maxprop on Vega. It performs pretty much exactly the same as the old fixed prop when motoring - max rpm is 1700 giving 9.5 kts in calm water. Balance seems better and there is less vibration. Maximum sailing speed is about the same - we hit 6.7 kts with a force 5 abeam. Presumably that is limited by hull speed. Much better is sailing performance in light winds, we can now trundle along most satisfactorily in 5-10 kts when we would hardly have been moving before. The propeller feathers very easily.
The Maxprop is better astern, and that caught me out initially, because we quickly reached a speed going backwards where I was unable to take off full rudder and had a little argument with a ladder. Must watch that!
Thanks for all your help.

Edward Ferris - Sole Bay 35 motor-sailer fitted with a 22”, 4 bladed generation 2, Maxprop EASY

"The propeller I bought from Darglow is the single best thing I've ever bought for my boat…" - This is typical of dozens of comments made to us on our stand at the 2014 Southampton Boat Show. We were inundated with happy owners who have fitted our props in the last year or two. Great news, and thanks to those who took the time to come and tell us!

Chris Hares - Director and Head Engineer at Darglow Engineering

The FeathersStream props that we got last year have been fantastic, you really nailed the pitch to. They have great performance in forward and reverse and are really quiet as well. I have been an advocate of Maxprops for years but these have really swung me over. The FeatherStream are so much easier to fit and service which is a bonus

Catamaran charter

Had a fab sail today the balance seems improved and the old girl has never gone so fast! I reckon at least 1 knot faster! Also under motor seems ok and possibly even quicker also!
Thank you very much I am very pleased with my new prop :-)

14” 3 bladed FeatherStream fitted to Cheverton Crusader

Just to say that I have now installed the FeatherStream you sent for my Southerly 32.The motoring is now noticeably smoother than with my old fixed 3 blade and with slightly higher speeds. The results on the sailing performance are where the biggest difference has been made and are really superb.

This is the 2nd boat we have installed a Featherstream on and we have been very pleased with the outcome and service on both occasions. I thought you should know.

Chris Snow, Southerly 32

Having owned Contessa 26 ‘Mischief of Teignmouth’ for six years, since fitting the prop, it like owning a new boat! Very pleased.

She feels so much more alive and responsive under sail, accelerating easily to increasing pressure. I estimate at least 1.5 to 2 knots faster in the same conditions, and beam reaching in a gust last Sunday we held a constant 7.4!

Less heel and the logical, but unexpected bonus, she goes through the tacks so smoothly and quickly.
I also notice under sail that the water leaving aft is quiet and smooth and the tiller no longer quivers.

With the Yanmar GM10 flat out she gets to 6.5 knots quickly and our cruising speed of 5 knots is achieved at a comfortable half throttle.
I did have to cut an inch off the rudder as it fouled on hard over with the prop in the feathered condition but that was fairly straightforward.

Many thanks for a great product and great service.

James - Contessa 26

I want to tell you about the performance of the four bladed Featherstream. To start with: I'm very happy with the prop. At 2000 revs the boat is about 0.2 kn faster than with the three bladed ******* ******** folding propeller. Furthermore the vibrations we had with the ******** have totally stopped. The prop really does a very good job. Kallisto Yachts will use it as standard on our new yachts.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Gaertner, Kallisto 56
Kallisto 56 with FeatherStream
Kallisto 56 with FeatherStream

As we have used your prop for some weeks now, I would like to thank you for it.
The prop functions beautifully, it really makes a difference while sailing, we go a little slower while having the gear just in forward (which is nice while coming back into the harbour). It has more power in the reverse, it is actually possible to go backward for some distance.
Again, thank you and your team very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

13” FeatherStream, Fries Jacht yacht, Sole mini engine

I would like to thank you for the perfect manufacturing of the prop. As you can see from the pictures enclosed the prop fits well.
The performance when motoring is as good as before. And the performance when sailing is much better. At the Bandholm 28 rally we finished in second place. This was by far our best result ever. The rally took place at very light winds and our boat speed was sometimes around 1 knot only. But compared to other boats we were making progress. Thanks to the FeatherStream prop we enjoyed this very much.

Bernd Morawe, Brandholm 28, Germany.
Nice fit!

Well it looked almost too good to put on .The instructions were easy to follow and just before launch last April it looked perfect . On entering the water, engine running and clear of the crane strops, I put it in gear .There was about half a second delay then I was cutting clean water with the engine on idle . I took her for a run around Plymouth Sound . Under power I’d lost about 100 revs . This I was quite expecting as my last prop was a modern three bladed 17x10 . A little over pitched for my beta engine. This was what I wanted ten years ago as I liked to tow an Otter Trawl in the bays around Plymouth. I was more than pleased with the motoring side of things. The yacht is now rigged as a gaff cutter. Now the first time I put the sails up she really came in to her own. She's more responsive goes about a knot faster and feels freer, less turbulence aft smoother wake, and points a little higher. This propeller is very well engineered .I keep the yacht on a swing mooring and the prop will feather in 1 knot of tide.

17” diameter 3 bladed FeatherStream - Mevagissey Tosher

Last year I bought a Featherstream 16" propeller that I am VERY happy with.
I don't know if the feathering prop did it alone but we had no problem overtaking a Bavaria 39. That boat is 6-7 feet longer than ours.

Featherstream 16"

Launched a week ago today in ideal West coast of Scotland conditions! SE 4-5 blue skies!........loves her new prop, she picked up her skirt and took off with a real sense of purpose! I am certain it was not all psychological!! The claim of a 15% increase is certainly no exaggeration. I am away on a longer passage this weekend and look forward to monitoring the performance. So far brilliant.

16” Featherstream, Classic wooden sail yacht, Volvo 2002 engine

Nasty offshore race on Saturday - beat a Contessa 26 with a fixed three-blader by over an hour on corrected time!

I have a Yanmar sail drive and the manufacturer specifies that this must be left in neutral when sailing. The gears created an unpleasant rumbling noise under sail as my fixed blade prop rotated the sail drive. I decided to fit a folding or feathering prop last winter to avoid this noise and improve sailing performance. It was important to me that I could also retain my Ambassador Stripper which protects against fouling by the lobster pot lines which are a real hazard where I sail.
I consulted Darglow who recommended a FlexoFold 3 blader. The new prop was not cheap but as soon as I handled it I recognized the top quality (I run one the UKs leading precision engineering companies ). The prop was easy to fit and has transformed the sailing performance of my Legend 33. I now get far more pure sailing and much less motor sailing. Also the motoring performance at sea and maneuverability in the marina are excellent. Fitting the prop was easy and removal for winter clean up is a cinch.
If I had my money back I would buy the Flexofold again – it is the best yacht improvement I have made in 20 years.

3 bladed Flex O Fold propeller fitted to Hunter Legend with Saildrive

Thanks very much for advice and patience - the boat is 3/4 knot quicker under engine, now uses the whole range of revs and we estimate about 1/2 knot quicker under sail in light winds /sloppy waves.

13” propeller, Folkboat, 1GM10 engine

First races complete - top five already!

Thanks Chris (of Darglow Engineering) for advising on and supplying the excellent Featherstream feathering propeller, with its large but feathering blade area and different pitch settings in forward and reverse. Works a treat. Lots of thrust, in both directions, and faster sailing. A very noticeable effect on sailing performance is the absolutely reliable tacking, even when there’s a chop and it’s done carelessly.

I am just back from a trip on my Grand Soleil 39 with her new propeller. What a difference ! Marina manoeuvring has improved almost beyond recognition and fuel consumption has fallen, but best of all is the difference in sailing speed. I've just spent the last week staring at the log reading with a huge grin on my face !
So a big thank you for a great product, your first rate customer service and of course technical knowledge and recommendations. I have already recommended your Featherstream propeller and company to every sailor I have encountered since fitting mine!

Grand Soleil 39 18” dia 3 bladed FeatherStream

Back in the water for 3-4 weeks now with my new prop.Compared to my old fixed 3 blader,the sailing performance of my boat is transformed – Wonderful!!! Under engine she is just as powerful as before in forward gear.

Went on the first race with the new propeller yesterday and achieved an additional 1 to 2.5 kts upwind in 5 to 15 kts wind strength and an extra 2 and a bit with the spinnaker up in 15-20 kts. Also had a new headsail fitted as well so it’s a bit difficult to attribute accurate performance improvement but the prop has certainly given me an extra 1-2 knots. Also achieving 5.5 knots under power at 2500 revs, so all in all it has improved my performance dramatically. Thanks for giving …… a new lease of life.

14” propeller , Contessa 32, 25hp Perkins engine

The new prop works almost exactly as before ahead, but the performance in reverse is now MUCH better, and I can now stop at least as quickly as with the fixed 3 blade prop I had on last season, which I estimate slowed me about 5 mins in an hour in boat speed under sail. Many thanks for your help.

14” propeller, Contessa 32, Volvo 2002

Propeller as always superb and your service was fantastic. We only ever hear about things that go wrong or those who are dissatisfied so I would like you to pass on to your team our thanks for the swift and highly efficient manner in which your company dealt with us.
Keep up the good work and thanks again.