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Darglow has full workshop facilities at our Wareham headquarters for the repair of both feathering and fixed propellers. Our workshop facility is headed-up by Brian Bates, well-known in the industry as a propeller engineering expert.

Fixed propellers

Repair, fine-tuning or both!
This service will be welcomed by the entire spectrum of powered watercraft users - as now, their propellers can not only usually be repaired when damaged, but also the pitch of the blades can be adjusted to fine-tune performance!
Every type of propeller is acceptable for the service - whether fixed or folding, or made from stainless steel, aluminium or bronze. Blueprinting is also available.
After the appropriate repair work or pitch adjustment has been completed, all propellers are then hand-balanced to perfection, prior to despatch.

The following selection of water craft are likely to require the repair and pitch service:
• Power boats • Cruisers • Yachts • Race boats • Inflatables • Ribs • Pleasure boats • Fishing boats
Propeller straightening
Propeller welding
Propeller pitch adjustmenmt
Propeller balancing

Propeller straightening, Welding, Blueprinting, Pitch checking & adjustment, Balancing.

Another satisfied customer!

Dear Brian, I have just returned from Coniston water this afternoon after the first trial run with the newly repaired propeller on the Delta boat. The results are amazing the vibration at higher revs has virtually disappeared, the problem with the boat wanting to turn hard to port has also virtually disappeared. I can only think that the prop is now more efficient as the ridiculous 10mph speed limit was achieved at approx 1800 RPM before now we are at 10 MPH at 1500 RPM. However we did try it up to 3500 RPM while nobody was looking and it’s a different boat! May I thank you personally for a superb job, and I will certainly recommend your services to my boating colleagues.
Tim Crake
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Feathering and folding propellers

Total repair and refurbishment
All makes of feathering and folding propeller are subject to wear, or may be damaged by collision, corrosion or electrolysis etc. Darglow's workshop can repair or recondition nearly all types of feathering propeller (not just our own FeatherStream!)
Old or poorly maintained propellers eventually show excessive play in the blades and in most cases, these can be very effectively reconditioned to almost as-new condition.
As a guide, most routine reconditioning of worn propellers costs around £200 - £300 but we can't be sure what is needed until we see the propeller. It is free for us to inspect a propeller and give a quote. Simply send in the whole propeller (including inner hub), together with any pitch setting information and we will appraise the propeller's condition and let you known the results of our findings along with a quote for our recommended reconditioning work.
Badly damaged FeatherStream blades
FeatherStream blades repaired and balanced
Internal workings of FeatherStream undamaged
FeatherStream remains functional even after severe impact!
The still pictures above and video below, show a FeatherStream propeller damaged by heavy impact with a mooring chain. The damaged blades were welded, re-profiled and balanced. The gears, bearing surfaces and pitch stop were completely undamaged by this very severe impact. The propeller was dispatched to the customer in virtually as-new condition.
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