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Call: +44 (0) 1929 556 512

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Darglow has been specialising in drag-reducing yacht propellers since 1981 and can offer a range of feathering and folding propellers to suit differing needs and restrictions of both yacht type and owner requirements.
Our ranges are outlined briefly below and more fully on their own specific pages.
Furthermore, you can rest assured, all our new propellers come complete with a 3 year warranty!


If you require a quotation for your yacht, please click on the “Get-a-Quote” tab and supply as much of the requested information as possible.  We will contact you shortly to discuss your particular requirements and quote accordingly.

Darglow Engineering: experts in the manufacture and supply of yacht and boat propellers, for advice on exactly the right propeller for your yacht call: +44 (0) 1929 556 512 or Email for full details on feathering and folding propellers. Repairs too, even fixed props!

made in Britian
British drag-reducing propellers. Suit 10hp - 90hp engines
FeatherStream logo
The FeatherStream Propeller is a simple solution to many problems that can be caused by fixed boat propellers. When sailing, the propeller automatically feathers to give minimum drag, improving your average sailing speed by as much as 15%, compared to a fixed 3 bladed prop. It requires no operating system and fits directly onto the existing prop shaft or saildrive leg. Delivered fully assembled and ready to be fitted — they are almost as easy to fit as a fixed propeller!
With its 3 year warranty, unique external pitch adjuster and its ability to fit into a restricted aperture if required, it is one of the best and most versatile feathering propellers available. Call us on:
+44 (0) 1929 556 512 for full details and advice on which model would suit you and your yacht, exactly!

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Italian drag-reducing propellers. Suit 10hp - 750hp engines
Max-Prop logo
Darglow has represented Max-Prop in the UK for over 30 years and with vast numbers of these props in use around the world, our experience tells us that their legendary reputation for performance and reliability is well-deserved. We can also extend our own 3 year warranty on this range.

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Danish drag-reducing propellers. Suit 10hp - 100hp engines
Flex-O-Fold logo
Due to greatly improved blade design, these modern Flex-O-Fold propellers now offer thrust comparable to fixed propellers in forward and reverse thanks to improved weight distribution, blade area and shape. We can also extend our own 3 year warranty on this range.